About The Black Knife Food Blog

blackknife-portrait-300x300 I am a explorer in life, some times this has gotten me in trouble, but most of the time brings me a sensation of excitement and satisfaction. In exploring new tastes and creating a combination of color and flavor in the kitchen, I have found a passionate hobby in food porn. I am a fan of entertaining and having guests at home to show my new creations.

As well I have found passion in experimenting with food, bringing out a burst of flavors in every ingredient I use, some times failing, but most of the time succeeding in accomplishing a new dish. After posting in Facebook and Instagram some of my creations, my friends began to ask me to build this window to share my ideas and dishes. I gave it a thought and after thinking on my personality in the kitchen I found elegance, balance and  design in my Black Knifes which can be your servant or your enemy (I’ve cut myself many times).

So I came up with the name of “The Black Knife“;  describes the blog perfectly. Keep in mind that cooking isn’t about perfection its about exploring and having fun eating and drinking. It can be chaotic and not every recipe I make is perfect so dare to try, taste and review it, as well add to it, this page has been created to share.If you cook something let your fantasy go wild. Feel free use the recipes I or others have provided as a guide, and improve them, or sign up to add your own.


Who knows, perhaps your recipe may be the next 5 star dish.

If food is your passion join me in the way to explore

Christian Buchholz

Founder & Food Snoop