Chapulines (grasshoppers)

Chapulines (grasshoppers)

Chapulines (grasshoppers)

We all like to go on a vacation and not only enjoy the views of a new place. Once we get to the foreign land we want to know the language the culture and the food.

You can always go for the safe menus, but If you are not afraid to try new things and explore new tastes I will recommend you give this a try if you ever visit Mexico.

The “Chapulines” are very typical in the cuisine of Oaxaca Mexico  (South east Pacific state) but you also can find then in Mexico City and central states of the region.  The consumption of grasshopper (chapulines) starts approximately 3000 years ago from Mexica culture.   The mexicas as matter of fact establish their territory in what  is know as Chapultepec that on nahuatl language means valley of grasshopper, being this insect a very important part of the Mexica cuisine.


Chapulines (grasshoppers) with its very intense red color, are very high in protein and low in fat.
The taste is just great – they have this crunchy texture and it’s like eating salty pork skins with a taste of roasted herbs.  Now a days is typically find as snacks on bars to enjoy with a cold beer or as a filler for an entree of a fine cuisine Mexican  restaurant.

If you ever go to a market in Mexico City or Oaxaca México and feel like trying something new, here is a simple recipe to prepare chapulines  as snacks with cold beer and some adventurous friends.

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