La Grillade – The French Restaurant with out the french

La Grillade - The French Restaurant with out the french

La Grillade – The French Restaurant with out the french

I had the pleasure to be invited for a dinner in this “French” restaurant establishment.
It was an interesting non-French experience – website says French inspired but I missed the French inspiration for the food (besides the snails with garlic).

Ordering a dirty Martini on arrival – I know not very French but one of my fav drinks – the olive dropped in the exquisite Hendricks Gin was soft, sour and mushy…. not my thing, and a slow start to a dinner party with great company.

The waiters seemed a bit overwhelmed by a larger group; I got told off at one stage being instructed not to move my seat until after dinner and at service time there was confusion regarding who had ordered what.

Looking at the menu, I had a hard time finding some serious French food, those dishes upon which the reputation for French food rests. Missing were simple basics like steak tartar, French onion soup or Confit duck dishes. I ordered the snails, a German/Indian style pork belly and a Italian style desert – Panna cotta with apple crumble.

Yes I know all typical French meals……

The food was prepared to a reasonable standard, I wouldn’t say great and the presentation lacklustre. The snails were overcooked and the taste unbalanced, more on the oily/buttery side. The pork was dry and the cumin flavour was not working for me. The panna cotta was nice but again it isn’t a typical French desert.

Would I go again?
Maybe there were some highlights and the price point was reasonable but I wouldn’t call it a French restaurant. Perhaps more a restaurant made for Australians with some French attitude.




118 Alexander Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065

(02)9439 3707


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